Free Patterns-TAG Heuer Monaco WAW2081.FC6348

Revolution has been mentioned in the watch industry repeatedly, and the funny thing is that those who have courage to do the revolution are those less famous brands, or in other words, tops brands, even after finished revolution, would not hype it or brag it. Instead, those who are in the meddle in the rank have infinite energy to keep moving up. TAG Heuer has been playing such a role, even though it may live a different way, but at least, it will proceed with revolution. Out great tradition to is challenge our tradition, as TAG Heuer said. No matter how the round case lead the trend, no matter how longer the history of Carrera is, we still are into Monaco. I have to say that it is worthy of your attention, or appearing in your collection list.

The new Monaco V4 tourbillon has little difference from the old V4, as they have the same four barrels in the V-shaped platinum plate:2*2 are placed in a +/-13 degree angles. It looks like the engine from the Formula one while its function gets more and more complicated by using the first micro belt to driven tourbillon. What’s more, the linear automatic winding system is a great system instead of a traditional system. They are made of linear rotors. There four thin gears are the most complicated technology in designing and producing, so it creates a very effective system; in the other hands, barrels inherits the spinning axils.

The dial of the TAG Heuer Monaco WAW2081.FC6348 watch is quite a machine, as it looks black, and the bold lines make this V4 tourbillon a strong impact. Actually, it has no actual meaning in the dial. The dial is a bare naked movement, while other red rubies, and think it as spot or adoration in the dial.

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