Luminor Marina – PAM00351 & PAM00352

Today, the world’s advanced timepieces almost all come from Switzerland. Other countries watches and clocks cannot reach it when it comes to no matter the manufacturing process, or the brand history, clocks and watches of all other countries. However, the Panerai, with one hundred percent of Italian descent is an exception. rolex daytona gold swiss replica How about the performance of the Panerai watches? Here will talk about the Panerai Luminor Marina PAM00351 & PAM00352.

replica rolex watch For the Luminor Marina PAM00351, it applies the classic small three stitches, with its 9o’clock position is the small second dial, which sets the date display window to offer the needs of daily reading time for the wearers. Its circular case is made of Titanium metal, matching with the brown alligator strap so as to highlight the noble temperament. PAM00351 is carrying with the p. 9000 type automatic chain mechanical movement which is totally developed by Panerai and has 72 hours of power reserve. Wrist watch case is made of titanium, featuring 44 mm in diameter, with a classic watch crown protector device. Its simple and clear brown dial not only shows its respect to the traditional tabulation of the eternal law, but also deduces with elegant modern style. The Minute hand and time scale have luminous coating, which can send off green light, though it is contracted style, it also features a thick modern breath.

Luminor Marina PAM00352 – its watch case is made by the titanium mental, which features 44 mm in diameter, and mellow and full Roman numeral scale in its unique style, and its Stainless steel strap let the football player resolute character burst forth in your wrist. It is a ideal choice among all the Panerai watches for its unique features for a sports man and it is suitable for all kinds of occasions to show your charm and masculinity.

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