The Deep Awful Seawolf – Breitling Avenger Seawolf Review

1000 meters depth under the sea, what does that mean to you? To put it simply, the water pressure under this depth could press a car into a ball. With the magnetic buttons inventing by Breitling, Breitling Avenger Seawold Chrono can still do the chronograph even down in the 1000 meters depth in the water. This invention makes chronograph run without bothering movement, further improving its performance on water resist. Here today we focus on a Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chrono.

Since the birth of Breitling, it captures people’s hearts with its solid quality, excel functions, accuracy and aesthetic appearance. This Avenger Seawolf reaches 45 mm in terms of its case diameter. Combing with such professional diver watch look and grand design, the whole watch gives us a strong visual feeling and looks like it is ready to conquer the Ocean. Blue sapphire mirror is processed with anti-dazzling, giving a clear reading. Yellow elements on the dial broke the dull bringing by the black and white, looking energetic.

When you are in the deep dark sea, a clear reading is also impossible. By the way, a date aperture is set on 4 o’clock.

The small second is placed on 6 o’clock and a ten-minute chronograph dial is set on 2 o’clock. Bright yellow color bring new and refreshing to the dull dial. When come to the case, Breitling Avenger Seawolf has a completely sealed case back, a key point that makes it a professional diver watch that could reach 1000 meters. Also 45 mm of the case is a rather big size, but giving its professional purpose and solid case, there won’t be a big deal. So if you are looking for a strong and powerful professional watch, then you could have our Breitling Avenger Seawolf as your choice in addition to Rolex Submariner.

What advantages of wearing the Rolex watches are?

Watch, just as its name implies is that in the wrist watch. In fact, there is no watch in the beginning of human being, that is to say people initially has no concept of time, but then gradually with the evolution of the people, they also knew the existence of the time. We in ancient China are timing with a sundial, that is to say, according to the position of the sun for time measurement. Later with the emergence of the industrial revolution, the timing way already can not adapt to the needs of the society, so also gradually appeared the watch, but the original watch has the big difference when compared with the watches of nowadays. At first people just created the winding watch, that is to say, not as the watch that can be worn after buying to wear and do not need to wind every day at today’s life.

Watch is gradually developing followed in the footsteps of human development, and later, people gradually put watch for further upgrade, then there is the wrist watch. The appearance of the watch is also the performance that the concept of time of the people moved forward for a step. And the original role of the watch is for timing to tell people the time. But now gradually along with the development of the watch industry, there are more and more noble watches emerging and yes, the meaning of the watches also gradually changed. Like Rolex, this is a world famous watch, actually for the watch what we need is time, but like a Rolex watch itself value is far beyond the value of time, that is to say, Rolex watch not only can let us know the time. Rolex is a symbol of wealth and status. Rolex Oyster Explorer is the first watch that climbed the Mount Qomolangma, and it the entry-level watch of the Rolex brand. This is the brand’s entry level product, sells for about $39300.