Rolex watches – knowing about the advantages

We don’t say history, also don’t say the status, we don’t say vanity, also don’t value maintenance. We keep calm, reasoned review on this for a lot of people who love or hate the watch brand. In order to make entry-level friends understand, as far as possible we need not too professional words and terms. Try to make more friends can understand what I’m saying… A noon time, I hope to be able to speak simply and clearly..

Rolex Super balance wheel
We know that the overall quality and the accuracy of a core has much to do with the balance wheel and hair spring. Have you noticed that the average level of ETA upgrade to the observatory, and it must be replaced the balance wheel and hair spring. ROLEX balance wheel, is not a common three arm swing. But four arm screw produced by the beryllium bronze alloy.

1. The four arm structure is more stable.
2. The balance wheel on the four screws is cooperating with no card balance spring for fine-tuning. Big one of the two seconds, a small one for a second, which has very good effect for the precision of adjustment and maintaining.

The disadvantage when compared with the common movement: the adjusted accuracy will easily run wrong in the actual use.

This is the reason why the Rolex can adjust the time accurately and the accuracy can maintain for many years.

Rolex is using the Nickel bronze alloy round balance spring and the advantage is that it is much wider and thicker to appear solid and stable, and Diamagnetic to be not sensitive to temperature.

The Rolex watches in the earlier years used the Double balance spring only in the observatory level of the movement, but now it is widely used in most of the Rolex watches.