Why Choose Panerai PAM 590

War Driving Need
Man-made light penetrates every corner, and why do we still need luminescence? Yes, the first and second world war drove the need for luminescence. On 20th December, 1914, French Farman MF11 became the first bombardment aircraft, so the big challenge came from the reading of counters. In 1917, the D.O.D of America decided to make order to Radium Company for luminous watches. back then the luminescence material is radium. Looking back from today’s perspective, radium is radioactive material which would cause damage to human tissues, but still this kind of material existed for a long time.

Radiomir and Luminor
At the eve of the Second World War, the need for luminous watches not only limited to aviation, but also came from diving. Back then, people found that an underwater commandos could bring great or devastating destroy to energy’s vessels, ships or carriers. So they organized a divers’ commandos and the problem of reading time under water was difficult. So a captain at the Italian Navy heard that Panerai was capable of making that kind of new material. He paid a visit and that was how the luminous material come from.
The Change of Case
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Let’s switch our focus to Luminor. It means a lot to Panerai, as it was the one of those watches that brought Panerai back to the right track. In 1993, Panerai released a 44 mm case watch, which was a bold decision back then. And in order to draw more attention and bring back more Panerai fans, Panerai entrusted Alessandro Bettarini to be in charge of this program. Alessandro Bettarini made some changes on the case, and made it looks more attractive. This case was a big hit, and is still in the category of Panerai products, and it can also perfectly match your wrist even though it is in the big size, which is the magic of the Panerai watches.