Mickey Mouse, Disney’s representative character image, is a small Mouse with only a big round head, big round ears, pear-shaped body and soft as a rubber hose, no obvious joints, can stretch as if there are no bones of the limbs. He is popular with audiences around the world for his easy-going, optimistic, active and whimsical personality. He was always whistling, humming a tune, jumping up and down, full of life. Although an adult role, but he has kept the curiosity of children, happy, a little naughty, are not always behave or very polite, occasionally some naughty, a little bit lazy, lack of patience, impulse and irritable, forgetful, temper very hot, and even some proud 僈, sometimes words hurt, but after a remorseful, try their best to make up for. He had a strong sense of justice and was fond of fighting injustice. He was often in trouble because of this and overreached himself. However, he always succeeded in getting out of trouble and solving problems satisfactorily with his wisdom.

Mickey’s classic look is all red shorts, big yellow shoes and white gloves. Clothes are also worn in different situations, such as the robes of a boy wizard, the tuxedo of a commander, the suit of a host, the overalls of a worker, and the uniform of a musketeer. The clothes hid his long, lanky limbs, accentuating them and his obscure neck, shoulders, and joints.Mickey Kigurumi Onesie Pajamas are a perfect example of this classic character. Even if you are an adult, you can be a carefree child in your world.

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